Spa Liner Pedicure liner – High quality Strong Elastic

Pedicure Spa Liner – Machine Made, used popularly at nail beauty salons in USA, Canada, AUS Products are made in Vietnam by resins UAE origin We provide different sizes: 95cm; 105cm; 120cm; 124 cm and different colours: White, Blue, Light Blue, Clear. Thin, round with elastic band Fit most pedicure bowl. Spa liner Blue 120cmx120cm, made in […]


Manicure nail file mini size, disposable item for nail salons

5″ White Plastic Center Nail files Korea Sandpaper The manicure nail file 5″L is our new design nail file to satisfy needs of some customers, who are shifting their orders from China to Vietnam. As a leading manufacturer of professional nail files, we can adjust quality, design….of nail files to meet requests from nail supplies or wholesales. […]


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