What is manicure nail file?

Manicure nail file is very popular in nail salon in the USA because the Gov. require these workplaces must be healthy and safety.

Great to use for filling nail enhancement preparation. Disposable mini nail file is also easy to sanitize to maintain healthy and clean nail services

Manicure mini nail file is made by high quality Korean Sandpaper and plastic center for extra durability and strength

50 nail files per pack can be used as a retail item for at home nail care. It is must have item in manicure and pedicure kit

Manicure nail files are available in 80, 100 and 120 grits that will be suitable for any nail care purposes

Customers can easily buy this nail file packs at nail salons or nail supply stores

Some countries are producing this nail files for exports such as Vietnam, China, Korea...

manicure nail file

Disposable Kit include toe separators, mini buffer, manicure nail file white, callus pad