7 inch Regular Acrylic Nail File For Acrylic Gel Dipping Nails

VnailFiles provide all kind of acrylic nail file for nail & spa salon in the U.S.A, Canada, AUS, Poland, Thailand.

By many years experiences in manufacturing of acrylic nail file, we can produce and supply many types of nail file upon customer inquiries. Among them, Premium Quality Acrylic Nail File by top quality materials. These nail files are used good for acrylic, gel, dipping nails. If you just want the cheap for one time use, we certainly can provide you standard packs pricing from usd 2.8 to 3.2 per 50 nail files.

A good acrylic nail file would support manicurist in serving clients. It is smoother and faster filling. One premium acrylic nail file can use for at least 4-5 clients. So it save cost than one time use regular nail file.

If you want to test  our nail files, feel free to contact us directly or can order through our sales agent in California.



50 files per pack

Center: White, Blue, Pink, Lavendar

2000 nail files per case

PRODUCT OF VnailFiles - Mr Liem Doan PRODUCT OF VnailFiles - Mr Liem Doan