Spa Liner Pedicure liner – High quality Strong Elastic

Pedicure Spa Liner - Machine Made, used popularly at nail beauty salons in USA, Canada, AUS

Products are made in Vietnam by resins UAE origin

  • We provide different sizes: 95cm; 105cm; 120cm; 124 cm and different colours: White, Blue, Light Blue, Clear.
  • Thin, round with elastic band

  • Fit most pedicure bowl.

Spa liner Blue 120cmx120cm, made in Vietnam

Packing: 200 pcs/case; 400pcs/case or upon customer request.

Brand: factory label or custom label/OEM

Made in Vietnam.

Exporting to markets: USA, Canada, AUS

Other spa liner type: hand made spa liners came in 5 bundled together or one individually and other disposable products for nail spa industry. Buyers should consider to mix at least 03 different kind of products into one container 40feet as it really save more shipping cost.

Spa liner Spa liner

Pedicure spa liner Pedicure spa liner

Spa liner, machine made Spa liner, machine made